How Cbd Can Change Your Pet’s Life

Most pet owners are still on the fence about giving their pets CBD. However, there is an entire market of CBD products specifically for pets. CBD derived from hemp can help many pets with anxiety, seizures, inflammatory issues, and pain. It has given older pets the ability to live comfortably in their final years, which is why many vets actually recommend CBD for pets. This article will explain how CBD works and what options you can try with your pets.

How Does CBD Work On Pets

CBD has similar metabolic pathways as anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers. Thus, when CBD enters your pet’s bloodstream, it works the same as these medications. There is not much further information about how CBD works on pets. However, most research conducted has shown an increase in the quality of life in pets, especially those with chronic pain or neuropathological conditions. Many pet owners report a reduction in seizures and anxious behaviors in their pets.

What CBD Products Are Available for Pets

Most CBD for pets is either available as oils, treats, or topicals.  The oils are placed in the mouth so that the correct dosage can be given and it can be absorbed quickly. It is much more effective than trying to get your pet to take their medication in the form of a pill.

Treats are a great way to disguise CBD for pets. Furthermore, keeping pet treats separate is much easier than differentiating between your CBD oil and your pets! The treats will take a bit longer to have any effect but will provide your pet with long-lasting pain relief.

Topicals are usually lotions or ointments that you can apply to your pet’s skin. This is best for treating skin issues as the receptors in your pet’s skin will readily take up the CBD and provide immediate relief.

Are There Any Risks?

Firstly, CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound found in all cannabis plants. THC is the compound associated with the high people experience when consuming marijuana.  However, CBD for CBD products is most commonly derived from hemp plants and contains much lower levels of THC. In fact, CBD isolate can be further refined so that all traces of THC are removed. This is particularly important as animals do not react well to THC.

Therefore, CBD for pets is produced as separate products from those used in human products. This ensures that pets do not suffer any adverse side effects. Thus, it is essential that you only give your pets CBD products that are made specifically for them.

Final Thoughts

CBD for pets is not something you should be afraid of. The most important thing is to get the right product and ensure it does not contain any THC. You can consult your vet to give you product recommendations if you want to be absolutely sure of the product. It is an excellent option for helping your pet live an anxiety-free and pain-free life, especially in their later years.