8 Tested and Proven CBD Beauty Products You Can Try

When you visit the nearest beauty shop, you will definitely see a myriad of branded CBD beauty products. It might be a daunting task to identify that one product which will fully satisfy your desires. Without further ado, here are 8 tested and proven CBD beauty products that you should never hesitate to purchase.

Phillip B. 

From the shelves, you will not only identify this CBD beauty product by its name but also the shape and color of its container. Phillip B is packaged in a translucent dark-colored bottle fitted with a squeezable rubber cap. This product has been approved for its effectiveness in reducing skin redness and irritation.

Ildi Pekar

Similar to Phillip B., Ildi Pekar is also packaged in a portable translucent bottle with an elongated rubber cap. Named after the supermodel, Ildi Pekar, it is one of the most purchased CBD beauty products in the aesthetics market. From its description, the product is a serum designed to repair the skin.

Lord Jones

One of its own in terms of packaging and color among all known CBD beauty products. Lord Jones is a golden-colored bath salt chemically formulated to relax the skin and reduce the risk of inflammation. From its product description, its ingredients include cannabidiol, essential oils, Himalayan salts, arnica, and magnesium.


You might not see Kana at the top of the list. This is not in any way related to its effectiveness, but the concentration of cannabidiol in it. It is one of the best-selling sleeping masks among the existing CBD beauty products.

Kana LIT Hemp Face Oil

This is a face oil packaged in a narrow transparent bottle with a squeezable rubber cap. Kana LIT Hemp face oil is formulated with strong botanical ingredients that hydrate the skin and reduce redness of swollen skin cells. User reviews suggest that it is best applied in the morning and at night before bed time.

Life Elements Skin Repair 

This 100mg-beauty product is a combination of cannabinoid and natural honey. From the ingredients, you can easily deduce that it is among the CBD beauty products formulated to repair the skin.

Khus + Khus

This is one of the CBD beauty products that not only serve the skin but also the body. Khus + Khus Copius Body Serum acts as a skin soother and muscle relaxer. You might need to use it after a day of hard work.

Saint Jane 

This is the only known skin care product with 500mg of CBD integrated with 18 other skin oils. When used twice a day, it causes a glowing skin.


There are innumerable CBD beauty products out there, but be wary of the effectiveness of the one you intend to purchase. This article has compiled a list of the top 8 CBD beauty products that have been derived from real user experiences and reviews. You now got no objection to go for the best brand in the market.